Bächlerstrasse 44/46

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Two student houses near ETH Hönggerberg. The buildings have 179 rooms in 9 eight- to eleven-room shared apartments each. Every student group shares a kitchen-dining room, showers and toilets, most of them as well a common balcony or an outdoor sitting area. All rooms provide internet access.

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Bahnhaldenstrasse 9/11

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Student house located near the Seebach train station. 103 student rooms are divided into one group of 5 tenants, five groups of 4 tenants, six groups of 6 tenants and six groups of 7 tenants sharing accommodation. On every floor access balconies lead into the flats. Every student group shares a kitchen-dining room, showers and toilets. Apartments of the attic floor give access to a roof terrace. All rooms are provided with internet access. Further, a party and communal room, as well as a barbecue place are available for all tenants. external pageI

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Bülachhof 1-3

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Student houses right next to UZH Irchel. Bülachhof provides 222 rooms in 31 two-room and 40 four-room shared apartments. Each apartment has its own seating area in the covered arcade. Each house has a roof terrace that can be used by its tenants. The complex also contains a bar and a games room. All rooms and apartments have Internet and TV access.

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Culmannstrasse 26

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Turn-of-the-century student house located in the university district. The house has eight shared flats with 7 or 8 rooms and shared bathrooms and toilets. All tenants share one common kitchen with neighbouring dining area/lounge, as well as a terrace on the ground floor and the roof. Each room has Internet access.

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Cäsar-Ritz-Strasse 1-7

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Student house located near ETH Hönggerberg. The 332 student rooms are divided among 30 student groups of 7-9 tenants, six groups of 13-15 tenants and five groups of 2-3 students sharing accommodation. Every student group shares a kitchen-dining room, showers and toilets, all of them either balcony or an outdoor sitting area. Most of the student rooms have a reduit with built-in furniture. All rooms provide internet access. Further, a barbecue place, a music room as well as large party and communal room are available.

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Meierwiesenstrasse 62

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Student house located near the Zürich-Altstetten train station. The StudentHostel has 169 rooms on four floors. Each room has a own wash-basin and an Internet access. On each floor there are several shared bathrooms and toilets. All students share one large common kitchen and a neighbouring dining area/lounge large as well as a garden sitting area.

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Sonneggstrasse 23

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Student house located in the University district. The ten student rooms are on the 1st and 2nd floor. Five students share a kitchen, bathrooms and toilets. The house is equipped with a wireless LAN.

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Sonneggstrasse 27

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Student house located in the University district. The ground floor is used by the ETH for office purposes and there are 16 rooms on the 1st -4th floor for student housing. Four students share a kitchen, a shower and a toilet. The house is equipped with a wireless LAN.

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Turnerstrasse 21

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Turn-of-the-century student house in the University district. The house has 20 rooms on five floors. Each apartment has 4 rooms, one kitchen, one bathroom and one toilet. Wireless LAN access is provided in each flat.

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Überlandstrasse 17

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Student house located near the Dietikon train station. The 33 rooms are on three floors and all have their own shower, wash-basin and WC. Each floor has a kitchen-dining room. In addition, there is a separate one-room apartment on each floor with its own kitchen and balcony. The house is equipped with a wireless LAN. external pageInfo Überlandstrasse

Alte Landstrasse 98

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The student house is located in a former retirement home in Zollikon. There are five studios and 52 rooms on three floors. Most rooms are equipped with a toilet and washbasin. WLAN access is available in the entire building. On each floors there are several shared showers. The tenants share a large kitchen and the dining area on the ground-floor. Furthermore there are two lounges on the ground- and first floor as well as a seating area in the garden.

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Freilagerstrasse 90/92

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Student apartments on the site of Zurich’s former bonded warehouse (Zollfreilager). 196 rooms in 33 apartments with a communal recreation room. Very good transport access. A total of 21 7-person shared apartments, 11 4-person shared apartments and one 5-person shared apartment spread over six storeys. The jointly-used rooms are furnished. Each room is furnished with a bed, mattress, desk, chair, cupboard and a bookcase.

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Binz-Areal /Uetlibergstrasse 111

This new residential complex in the emerging Binz district consists of two houses that share the general inside and outside areas. A total of 40 rooms divided into 2 and 3-person shared apartments are available. A restaurant and other shops in the respective ground floor units complement the new residential project. Shops, restaurants and bars are in the immediate vicinity. The public transportation stop "Binz" can be reached in less than 5 minutes.

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